7 Reasons to Have Travel Blog

Pembroke Castle in Wales, 2012
Pembroke Castle in Wales, 2012

Why Write?

Going to a place you have never been is always a thrilling experience and there is no doubt that you come back from it a different person. You will have new stories to tell and of course you wouldn’t mind telling your story over and over again. But here’s an idea, why don’t you keep a travel blog and record your experiences? You will give yourself a mental exercise and your writing could benefit others as well.

7 Reasons to Own a Travel Blog

Sunset in La Union
Sunset in La Union

1. You can tell your story as fresh as the day it happened

During your trip, you don’t ever think you’ll forget each moment but when you return to daily life you will be bombarded with your old responsibilities.  Before you know it, your vacation will fade and it will be difficult to remember the minutiae. Blogging as your vacation unfolds will allow you to record the little details that made each day special. Yes, it will require some effort, but the effort will allow you to reflect upon your trip and you will thank yourself later when your blog reminds you of something you have forgotten.

2. You can keep in touch with friends and family

Your friends and family want to know every single detail about your trip. Having a blog means they can experience your vacation with you as it happens and you can answer their questions right away through your comments section.

3. It helps you reflect on the things you have seen

Writing can be a challenge and that’s why some people don’t blog. But a little effort could go a long way sometimes and forcing yourself to write about an experience brings about insights you never though you had. Processing what you learned from an experience will help you grow and you will appreciate your trip even more for the way it changed you. What you write doesn’t have to be deep, but you have to be real.

San Esteban Coastline on the way to Ilocos Norte, 2014
San Esteban Coastline on the way to Ilocos Norte, 2014

4. Others can draw inspiration from you

Somewhere out there is a stranger or a friend who feels uninspired and stuck. Reading about your travel adventures could help them see that they have the power to change their situation and go on that dream vacation to rejuvenate their spirit.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, 2012
Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, 2012

5. You can help communities with your story

The travel industry is full of small and medium entrepreneurs who could really use a break. If you traveled off the beaten path, perhaps that little known yogurt shop or tiny cottage could get a little bit of mileage if you spread the word about them. It’s a small price to pay for your wonderful experience with them and you get to help their community.

6. For posterity

Many great men have left journals for future generations and lucky for your great grandchildren, the internet makes it easy to preserve your memories so that they could learn a thing or two about your time. You can leave nuggets of wisdom and because you wrote it yourself, your words will be unlikely to be adulterated by retellings over time.

7. It can remind you to give yourself a break

Keeping a blog can be a lot of work, it’s true, but you will soon find yourself running out of new material to write about. Could it be that you’re working too hard and it’s time for another adventure? Your blog is a wonderful way to remind you that there is still so much world out there for you to conquer.

The grave of The Bard in Stratford-Upon-Avon, 2012
The grave of The Bard in Stratford-Upon-Avon, 2012

Everything is a Travel Story

The more you blog about your experiences, the more mindful you become about your life and travels. You will find that there is a lesson to learn in everything and from everyone and it becomes part of the person you are. After all, life is a journey and everything is a travel story.

Do you have a travel blog? Post your URL in the comments section so we can share our stories!

6 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Have Travel Blog

  1. True, that is the reason I really blog our travel trips so I can document everything (lessons, experience, information). If someone is asking about our past trips, I always check my blog just to be sure that I’m giving the correct information because I tend to forget something. #signsofaging If I need to revisit a place too, I always check my old posts. 🙂

  2. Yes to all 7 points 🙂 Blogging about our travels also help us re-live those moments without hopping on a plane. I like sharing about the things I saw and how a certain place made me feel, and also adding a few tips here and there for other people who plan on traveling to the same place 🙂

    1. And you’ve done it for a long time now! Yours is actually very insightful because as an expat you are practically a local. That’s why your travel advice is very unique!

  3. I so agree with you Maita! Before I started travel blogging in 2012, I was actually hesitant because of my grammatical fears. I am not an expert when it comes to the English language and I know that us, Pinoys, are very critical about grammar. Some of us love grammar naziing other people. Lol. But then I thought, who cares?! It’s my blog and I am writing primarily for myself. So, I started blogging and who would have thought my blog just turned 4 recently?! I could not believe it myself. I could not believe that I had so much travel stories to tell and whenever I read my past blog entries, I could not help but smile. There were so many memories I shared in my blog. Sorry napahaba na haha. BTW, thanks for sharing this post with us! More power to your blog! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Milet! I agree that Pinoys can be nitpicky when it comes to English but I feel that you shouldn’t let it stop you from writing. Besides, the more you write, the more you learn about the language you write in! I only wish to achieve what project gora has so far!

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