Floor Time

IMG_9578When he was born, I thought The Bear would never get off my breast. Up to his third month, he was nursing every hour for an hour in my arms. But I never complained or tired of it. I felt like I had this live plushie that I could take anywhere. Then, something happened practically overnight : he refused to latch when I offered my breast.

I was astounded! My Bear was, well, full! And with that feeling of fullness came baby curiosity. He started looking at his toys and reaching for them and he started to enjoy being on his tummy. As soon as he learned to roll from back to tummy, my husband, A, decided it was time to set up a quilt on the floor to strengthen the old (or should I say, young) baby muscles.

So by a sunny window in the hallway, father and son hung out on the hardwood floor with a selection of favorite toys. At first, there was resistance because The Bear was not used to the hard surface but after a few minutes he decided it was ok to look around and get accustomed to his surroundings.

The Bear didn’t move a muscle (at least he didn’t visibly move any muscles). But I could see he was happy and content lying down and learning something quietly on his own while his father and I looked on. Twenty minutes later, it was nap time. He happily latched on and nursed until He fell asleep. He napped soundly for two and a half hours.

Thank God for floor time. I have a feeling it will be one of my favorite parenting tools for a long while.

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