Mashed Faux-tato

Giving up high carb foods gives me and A a real opportunity to have a varied diet. Having to replace rice, bread, and potatoes forces us to try a wide variety of vegetables and lets us get creative in the way we cook (or don’t cook). It also ensures that we get more by way of vitamins since we don’t stick to the same old starches everyday.

Today, we decided to finally try a common substitute for potatoes among low carbers : cauliflower. Having grown up loving mashed potatoes, we were pleasantly surprised at having a dish that was both new and familiar to us in our new way of eating. Baby B was also on board and had his cauliflower with some roasted chicken. 🙂

Recipe: Mashed Cauliflower

This has to be the most beautiful bowl of mash I have ever seen.

1 large cauliflower

2 T butter

1 T heavy cream

salt and pepper to taste

Divide the cauliflower into medium sized florets and steam in a double boiler until very soft, about 10 to 15 minutes. Allow the cauliflower to dry but don’t let it cool completely.

In a food processor, add the butter and cream and salt and pepper and process until smooth.

Voila! A yummy mash without the heavy glycemic load. Enjoy as a side to your favorite entree. 🙂

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