Rainy Days and Chicken Pot Pie

My kitchen is cooler during the rainy days, so it’s always the perfect time for pastry. As I can only cook between my son’s naps, puff pastry fits perfectly into my schedule even though it is arguably the most finicky of pastries. My puff pastry schedule goes thus:

  • Prepare the detrempe before baby wakes, let it rest in the refrigerator while returning to baby for a feed.
  • During father and son bonding time, roll out the detrempe, fold in the butter, and turn once. Rest pastry while the little bear bathes.
  • Morning nap time : turn pastry, twice, then prepare baby’s lunch
  • Let daddy give baby his lunch and turn the pastry two more times
  • Afternoon nap: final turn, then rest pastry before using.

So, all that’s left to do is fill little pots with the chicken mushroom stew that I prepared the night before and cover with a disc of pastry. Easy as pie? More like time consuming as pie! But after a little egg wash and 30 minutes in a super hot oven, my family is filled and I am fulfilled. Let me just stand back and admire my handy work. 🙂

IMG_0205.JPGChicken pot pie… can I just say scalloped edges are my favorite way to seal a dish.


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