Riding Moose

Gotta hand it to Lamaze for knowing babies really really well. So far, I have bought The Bear their inchworm, squeaky penguin, and teething moose. All of them have become his favorite. I know because if I put several toys around him, he always goes for the Lamaze toy.

But of all those that I’ve bought, the one that wins my heart today is the teething moose. The Bear has several teething toys, but none keep him as busy as the moose. Just last Sunday on our way to A’s folks, he sat in his car seat for the whole 34km trip from our home to our destination just chewing on it. Either that, or chewing on it *and then* falling asleep.

IMG_9684I think he loves it too. You can tell by the way his little paw rests protectively on the moose as he naps. So until the next favorite thing comes along, this little amazing rattling ring shall be dubbed The Bear’s Riding Moose.

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