Since I’ve Been Gone

Whew! It’s been a while!

The last time I posted, my little B was learning to eat and crawl. Then, without a warning, he turned into this little Tasmanian Devil whirlwind that demands much more of my time. Yes, I know babies really seek out attention, but now he actually knows how to purposefully do it. So since I’ve been gone, my little sweetheart has started expressing himself and showing me his personality. In turn, I was just getting to know my little person.

For one, the best way to make him happy these days is to allow him to get dirty. No easy feat now that the monsoon has arrived.

Exhibit A: Dirty hands = happy day

He’s also become a bit more independent. The cuddling and tummy bubble blowing is limited to evenings and nap times but all of it is replaced by a lot of playing and a lot of walking and discovering new things together. Today, for instance, he managed to peel some bark from a tree and brought it to his mouth. As you might guess, he learned that he doesn’t like the taste of bark.

3 thoughts on “Since I’ve Been Gone

  1. I’m happy you allow him to taste bark! He just might follow in your footsteps and be able to cook exquisite food! yeaum yeaum! Hi B!!!

  2. Here’s a funny story, B! Tita Yin put some mothballs in her mouth before. Hmm, maybe that’s why i hate roaches and are scared of them. Hahahha!

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