Thinking About Big Kids

The Bear loves watching bigger kids do what big kids do. Just yesterday at his pedia’s clinic, he giggled and kicked and cooed as a bigger kid jumped, ran across, and bounced about. I wondered if  he was thinking about how cool it would be if he were able to do all those things, too. I asked big boy’s mom how old he was, “1 year 3 months,” she said.

I smiled and looked over at A who knew immediately what I was thinking: that at 1 week shy of 5 months old, big boy was not much older than The Bear. I was thinking that today would go by in a flash and our little boy will be jumping, running, and bouncing about and exploring the world around him.  All the more reason to treat each of his baby moments as precious.

The Bear at 1 month old

At this moment, The Bear is napping on my chest after I rocked him to sleep in a sling. But I’m casting away any thought that I might be cuddling him too much. He loves cuddling anyway, and asks to be carried often. One day he won’t want any of that and I’ll be glad I responded to his need to be hugged as a little baby. And to be quite honest, I think I need to hug him a lot too.

0 thoughts on “Thinking About Big Kids

  1. Awww those cheeks!!! Enjoy every moment with your lil one mommy, for the next thing you know he’ll be running around and discovering his own little world 🙂

  2. Kids really do grow up so fast, and there’s no such thing as “too much” cuddling, especially with kids. 😉 We gotta take advantage of when they still want warm hugs and kisses because as you said, there will come a time when they’ll think they’re already too big or old for those.

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