What I Love About Being an Alabang Momma

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There’s no place like home. Let’s get this one out of the way: except for living in Makati for the first seven years of my life, I was raised entirely south of Metro Manila. This means I may be vastly ignorant of your own blissful life outside of Alabang, so please pardon the naked bias. It is the same bias that made my Quezon City raised husband move here when we got married — I simply refused to leave. But I’ve heard no complaints, especially now that we have our little B. He’s learned what I’ve known all along: the small city, big town of Alabang is simply a wonderful place to be a momma.

There are a lot of places to hang out

Wall climbing structure at our neighborhood park. B hasn’t quite figured out how to use it.

Since our little bambino started moving about, there hasn’t been a shortage of spaces for him to play and try out his new motor skills. We normally take him to our neighborhood playground, but on rainy days we make a beeline for baby gyms and indoor play places. We especially love Gymboree in Westgate and Peewee Explorers in Madison Galeries. We treat these places as his “yes space” where no toy or structure is off limits so he can develop his curiosity and confidence.

It’s baby wearing country

Mr. D and I are a baby wearing, breastfeeding, Attachment Parenting couple. We appreciate that around these parts no one is going to tell you, “isn’t he getting a little too big for that sling?” They just kind of let you be. And when you pass a mom wearing two babies, you make eye contact and give each other a mom nod.

Mom nods. It should be a thing.

No one bothers you when you breastfeed

If anyone feels uncomfortable that you just pulled your boob out so that a toothy pre-walker could latch on for a post-meal snack, you wouldn’t know it. I’ve breastfed at Chilli’s in Alabang Town Center and Racks at Festival Mall. To be fair, though, I heard from friends who had their kids earlier that guards used to tell them to breastfeed in the ladies’ room. Let’s just say that if you didn’t already know that mom glares could kill, well they could. And it is to them that mommas like me owe our freedom.

This one is an fb post on breastfeeding. Cute, eh?

Anyhoo, if you’re not the type who can just, uhm, pull one out, Alabang Town Center has a lovely family lounge where you can nurse comfortably and in peace. And I pray that you get there faster than your little one can undo your blouse.

No place is too far

Even if I’ve moved from freelance makeup work to working at home, my mom schedule is as hectic as ever. The wonderful thing about Alabang is that nowhere is too far when I need to step out to do errands. And while we aren’t immune to rush hour traffic — 7am – 9am and 5pm to 8pm are the absolute worst! — we still experience a few hours of easygoing driving. This means I can take B out with me and not worry about abusing his car seat tolerance.

I also have a ton of schools to choose from (for when the time comes) and a hospital nearby. I simply don’t need to drive past the Sucat Tollway for anything I might need.

Are any of these things exclusive to living in Alabang? Not by any means. And if you want to raise your children in an urban setting, the south is definitely not for you. But there has been so much development here since we moved in that everything we need is within reach. Put all of that in the laid back lifestyle that Alabang is known for and I’m one happy momma.


12 thoughts on “What I Love About Being an Alabang Momma

  1. I looove Alabang’s chill vibe. We used to frequent the area when we had design projects in the south and I’ve always dreamed of living there. Who knows, maybe in the future I’ll be an Alabang momma as well.

  2. Hi Maita! Alabang is like a second home to me. There’s always so many new things to do in Alabang but it’s also one of those places where you feel like nothing’s changed either. 🙂 #TeamSouthFTW

  3. Congrats on the new blog, Momma Maits! Gald to read this! The South is indeed splendid as I grew up there. The city life is for great for me too, I’m happy to have the best of both worlds!

  4. I used to envy friends who live in Alabang/Las Pinas area. The vibe is just totally different from the rest of the metro. I’m glad everything’s working well with you!

  5. It is the closest Manila proper to me (I live in Batangas) and I like it there. Some of my friends actually live there 😀

    1. Hi lady! Thanks for visiting my blog? What part of Batangas are you from? We go to San Juan a lot because my family has a home there.

  6. My husband is from Las Pinas, nearer to Alabang side and that’s what I always hear from him. That everything is there in Alabang and you don’t have to travel far. Well, I agree to all of that but one thing I don’t like is the traffic in Alabang-Zapote road.

    1. Yeah, Alabang-Zapote can get pretty nasty especially to and from Las Pinas 🙂 Although Las Pinas has SM Southmall going for it!

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