While the kids are busy

The kids are busy sleeping right now. By “kids” I mean my first born son, all but four months old, and his father, the most supportive and loving husband anyone could ask for.

It has been 20 weeks since I gave birth to the boy that turned me into a full time mom. Following an uncomplicated c-section delivery, my son latched onto my breast and changed my routine (dare I say) forever. To date, I have given up uninterrupted sleep, scheduled eating, and I have cut my shower time by half. My makeup routine is now down to washing my face, brushing my teeth, and, please, no one get me started on my hair which now gets a quick brush, if at all, and goes straight up into a ponytail. And I used to be a makeup artist. I also used to run two blogs, which I abruptly stopped since getting pregnant.

This may sound like a rant, but it isn’t. The last 20 weeks (and the nine months before that) have been the happiest despite my having to put all my time into just mothering. And while the days are long with a baby attached to my breast, the moments are precious because I could see my son do something new literally everyday.

For instance, just two days ago, my son — who will be called The Bear from this point on — decided it was time to sleep through the night. Tonight is his third night of sleeping early and long into the morning, while my husband, A, is resting soundly beside him. And I — well, I can’t believe I have this quiet moment to write about it.

You know what this means.

It’s time to start a blog. . . while the kids are busy.

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